How to start working as a Software Tester in PAID Projects from home

There are lot of platforms where you can work as Software Tester and start making money from home. Today I’ll just discuss one and the best platform ever. Of course it is uTest!

How much you can earn?

Almost 2,97000 testers are involved in this very platform. Many of them earn $3,000-$5,000 every single month. There are some testers who earn even much more!

Sounds great, right?


It’s easy!

Please follow these steps:

Learn manual testing in just 2-3 hours. Click here to learn from the best



Signup and Create profile at uTest. Click here to signup now.



Watch these 3 video tutorials from uTest Experts:

video tutorial-01: How to accept test cycles

video tutorial-02: How to complete a Test Case

video tutorial-03: How to write a BUG REPORT

Start making money from anywhere in the world! Happy Testing!


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